Tuesday, August 7, 2012

heart that turned blue

Source : pinterest
If the sea were bunch of tears and swelled every day.
The waves couldn't wash my heartache away.  

Skies always seemed sunny when you were here.
Now there's nothing but gloom in my atmosphere.  

You're still on my memory, my love for you never die.
But it hurts to the bone that I lost you in eyes.  

You were my everything, but now you're gone.
I'm about to break, i don't have the strength to carry on.
How i miss you so much, for you were all that I had.
Now my whole world is painted black, depressing and sad.  

My heart just like the sea, the sky, and your lovely eyes. 
Since you left it turned blue, freezed, broken aparts.  

Precious one, i'd like to start feeling other than blue.
But you were my whole world, tell me what can I do? 
(BS, June 2012)