Friday, May 6, 2011


I wish i could be a child forever.
They are so pure,
get attention easily,
they free to have even a wild imagination about what they want to be.
They can be Super Man, some kind of animal, a bloody holly Cinderella, a Jumper, even a Robots!!
Or maybe a Mermaid, a Man in shining armor, a SpongeBob, or one of those Dinosaurs.
From dusk till down, they have many people who willing to take care their business,
all they need is just a blink of eyes, a pure innocent smile, or sometime a jungle-kind-of yelling.

But if i'm a child, i'm afraid i can't face this kind of "dog eat dog" world alone.
I can't be as independent as i want to be.
I can't stand still on my feet to show that i'm here,
to express my thought and feeling in good manner.
I can't go everywhere or doing anything to pursuit my dreams.
I can't do explore my self or the world intentionally to find what i supposed to be, in a great way.

But i do want to be a child. But also have to be a grown up.
So this is what i choose:
Being a grown up as a responsibility, with a pure heart of a child in me.

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