Friday, September 30, 2011

i am the keeper

A quote said: “We all have that one guy best friend that we lose because he gets a girl friend.” And when it happens, a best friend turns to just a friend.
And some said that saying “Let’s just be friends” is like saying “Let’s ignore each other and not talk anymore.” Some said that thing, but not me.

And now it’s your turn. You find your next chapter in your life. Do we have to ignore each other then?
Well, I am a keeper. How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it. And since my heart is quite big, i promise I’ll keep you. So you’ll not be missing.
Because once I let someone entering my life, she/he is worthed. I’ll keep a person who important to me in the “corner” of my heart. And you are invited. Just in the corner, I must say. Because the epicentrum is already taken. And i can not offer you more, but please don’t ask why.

I never regret the day we found each other. The day I woke up all night, smiled and giggled and laughed all day long just by seeing your so called-funny-expressive- face or reading your sadistic-but funny-yet entertaining and calming- text.
I have to say thank you, for let me sneak into your life, even for a while. Thank you for those days and nights we spent together. Those days when you came along, when I felt down so low, without you ever noticed.But maybe this is how it ends.

And by this I like to say, “Thank you, for being there, a piece of puzzle completing my life.” And everytime you decide to come back to make our friendship knotted again, you are welcome. Because I always try to be loyal and protective friends till the end, till you say it’s all over or you’re not longer worth the price .

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