Friday, October 19, 2012


Love. What everyone deserves. No matter what we might tell others, whether it's "I hate you" or "I don't need you", deep down we all want to be loved.

Relationship with love. What everyone’s looking for. Admit it, we all want  a steady hand. We all want a kind soul. We all want to fall asleep at night and then wake up filled with the morning light. Get cuddled, knowing our heart is safe. 

We all want to love. And be loved. But don’t we ever realize that faith over love, all that matters? All that sweet relationships, they ain't gonna work for long term without faith. Be true, open to each other, sincere, no secret, that are the secrets. Yes, a true relationship shouldn't has any secrets. If it has any, then we don't deserve to be in it. 

It’s too risky to build a relationship with someone who filled with too many secrets. The more we try to understand, the more they shut down. They keep hiding what they feel, think, or have done. They covering their self and soul with layers. They don’t have the faith on us. Sometimes, they who don’t have the faith. Then, what's the point? Until when will we maintain this kind of relationship? How long can we survive? Because they are killing us slowly, killing us softly. Bottom line is, the relationship isn’t working.

So, it’s about time to get out of such bond. Initially, it may be difficult. One of the hardest decision to make is whether to trust our logic or listen to our heart. We have been accustomed to be with people who we love. But, but do they really love us? Resiprocally? No, by not telling the truth, by hiding the real them, by cheating, they love their self above all. Are we going to hurt our soul? 

When some things just aren't worth the effort, then why we continually knock ourself out anyway. Why? What for? Move on. When we decide that we've been waiting a long time for something that isn't going to happen, walk away. At the end of the day, we’ll be glad we don’t have to deal with them anymore. We’ll be thankful that they have shown us exactly who we don’t have to be with in life. We’re saved. They’re not. Move our self to a brighter path. Be more valuable to those who deserved.

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