Friday, December 7, 2012


God almighty, I have no idea what this day may holds.
So please bequest me your blessing and faith as it unfolds.
I know I’m showered with your love when I see the sun rises in the east
I know I owe you so much that you always give me this warm morning kiss.

God almighty, I admit that I’m just a full of sin creature.
So please show me the correct path to start a holly adventure.
I know I’m loved when I hear the birds singing outside my window.
I know I have to pursue my dream and say goodbye to my evening pillow.

God almighty, I’m just a grain dust in your amazing universe.
So please grant me spirit and patience so I can play my lovely verse.
I know I’m blessed everytime I see the happiness in my parents’ eyes.
I know I have to thank you God for all this abundant lovely surprise. 


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