Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sorry, I'm Busy

On Woman
Woman: Please don't disturb me right now.
Man : Why?
Woman: Because I'm busy tweeting.
Man : What?
Woman: Yes. While you're incredibly busy working, I’m busy tweeting about how much I miss you, every single time.

On Man
Man : Please don’t disturb me right now.
Woman : Why?
Man : Because I’m busy working.
Woman : What?
Man : Yes. While you're busy tweeting, I'm incredibly busy working to remain sane. For I just cannot stop loving you, even a single time.

On Hand and Heart
Hand & Heart : Please don't disturb us right now.
Man & Woman : Why?
Hand & Heart : Because we're busy trying.
Man & Woman :What?
Hand & Heart : Yes. While you're busy arguing, We're actually busy trying to make your both hands and hearts knotted again. So you two could fall in love to each other, one more time.

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