Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dusky Sorrow : A Poem


Today confused birds flocking outside her window
Continuosly chirping a dusk chorus of sorrow

Alone in the dimness seems all memories just flow
And once again go away, even her own shadow

Back then, met the apple of her eyes and bowed her pride low
But fiercely in total cruelness he left her in the front row

Oh why did her feeling have to grow?
Oh why did he turn the love song to a broken vow?

She is sad. She needs to cry out loud her mellow
But she just can’t. She hides it out under her pillow

Instead of regrets, happy seeds are that she has to sow
Worry does not for she has a much brighter tomorrow

(Bety Sanjaya, June 2013)
also posted on  http://twimagination.com/v8h2

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