Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OXYMORON: I Am Clearly Confused

Oxymoron! What a strange word!
An oxymoron describes a combination of two contradictory words. The words derives from the Greek word 'Oxus' (sharp) and 'Moris' (stupid). We hear these combinations all the time and we understand them, too. But if we stop to think about them seriously, they are really quite weird.
For example: "That hound dog is pretty ugly." How can something be pretty and ugly at the same time? Can you explain these oxymorons?

- The plant is growing smaller. (I thought growing means getting larger)
- My fav flavor is bittersweet. (Make up your mind!)
- Do you like jumbo shrimp? (what size do you mean-jumbo or shrimp?)
- I would like a hot ice tea. (You must be kidding me. Do you want it hot or cold?)
- That was a cruel kindness.
- It was a living death.
- Let's pig out moderately.
- The two of them are friendly enemies.
- It was a peaceful war.
- He is a little giant.

Can you think of an oxymoron which you have heard? make up an oxymoron...

-just an outstanding ordinary girl-

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