Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Practice What to Say When They Say…

Baru aja baca buku Parent Talk! : The Art of Effective Communication With the School & Your Child. Banyak tips praktis mengenai hal yang terjadi dengan anak berhubungan dengan pelajaran atau lingkungan sekolah. Salah satunya tentang membaca. Ini cuplikannya:


“I hate reading!
I’d rather watch TV or
play with my friends.
Why do you make me
read every night?”

“Reading every night is important. Books can be like a
best friend, always there for you, ready to entertain you,
help your imagination, teach you new information, and
even increase your writing skills. Would it help if I read
with you or even next to you? Let’s set time aside every
day for family reading time. I can catch up on my
favorite book or the newspaper and you can read
something that interests you. When would you like to go
to the library together so we both can find books we
like? We can then share and talk about them.”
“Reading is very important, for lots of reasons. First, the
more you read, the smarter you get—and being a good
reader helps you in all your other subjects. Books can
be good friends, too, always there when you want to be
entertained; they can take you away to other places or
back in time or introduce you to famous people. I love
to read, so why don’t we set aside some family reading
time each day when we can read together. Would you
like to go to the library together so we both can find
books we like? Or maybe you’d like to read some
magazines about your favorite hobbies? We can talk
about what we’ve read with each other.”

Very very inspiring. Terkadang kita memang butuh sesuatu yang aplikatif model gini dibandingkan hanya sekedar teori.

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