Monday, March 12, 2012

Free your heart from hatred. Free your mind from worries.

taken from the colorful mind

"Never apologize for being correct. Speak your mind, if you're right  and you know it. Even if you're being ignored, punished, and become  minority, the truth's still divine."

This is the life I choose to live. I am responsible for every single  details on my path. For every words I speak. Every promise I make. Every  step I take. Never deny for what i have done.

I'll do and i'll accomplish every single by myself, on my way. I'll  not bother you. As long as you do yours in turn. I always honor you. But  please do the same, will you? I'm not a working  ant who always  self-prepared all the time to work on everything.

Please be mature. Be brave to stand and fight for what you've  choosed.  You are independent! You have your rights equal to your  responsibilities.

I'm tired of fighting alone. If you're too busy to mind your selfish business, then I'll stand over the edge and about to say I'm done.  Because i'm totally sick of crying, tired of trying. Keep smiling but  deep inside  i'm dying. Don't you know I am bored far beyond you can  ever realize?

I give myself permission to say NO to demands on my time that simply draining.

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