Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Tick tock tick tock tick tock,
Oh, it's very very quiet in here.
Should i come to your door and knock,
Or should i just dissapear?

Please come in if you will,
We're trying to sing this man a lullaby.
Please stand you still,
Otherwise Hush ish hush ish hush a bye.

Forgive me, me sorry,
I always make a noise.
Believe me, me cherry,
I can't do that, i promise.

Why sweety why pumpkin,
Why can't you just remain silence?
Why pretty why darlin,
Why can't you just remain patience?

Because yeah damn me i'm just a little chaos,
Who suddenly will rock your boring universe.
Should i just have to be calm and not become a goers,
For i will have your love in reverse? 

I'm so sorry but this is me,
Nothing to cover, nothing to hide.
I'm full when you're empty,
So let you be, pampered, be gone, undescribed.


So this is then, 
The story ends.
Me with my stone heart,
And you with your universe apart.

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