Sunday, January 22, 2012


Dear You,
Masih tidak percaya dengan kenyataan bahwa hariku diliputi olehmu? Baik kemarin, kini, dan mungkin nanti. Jika tidak percaya, ini jawabnya. Tolong resapi. Dan jika kamu ingin berubah karena surat ini, aku tidak perduli. Aku sudah ungkapkan semua. Aku hanya butuh kamu tahu, bahwa rasa ini sudah bersemayam sejak dulu. Bertahun lalu.

October, 2010
Dear You, I’m broken… again. It’s used to be my happiest day. But look at me now. Dumped, neglected, betrayed. It hurts, really hurts. Two stories in a row, both on my birthday. Am I cursed?

Dear You, where are you? Don’t you know that I need you now, more than you know. I need you to talk to, I need you to cheer me up. But who am I to you? I am no one.

Dear You, somehow I feel that I’m connected to you. I always attached with you. But what are we? Nothing but two strangers knotted in a friendshipness.

Dear You, why we can never be…. Why? Is it because we are just friends, really good friends, and we don’t want to ruin that? But it’s always you. From the very first time, my mind said it’s you. But I was too afraid to tell.

You always said that we meant nothing and you have too much respect for our friendship. Damn it! If you were just give me a chance, I could show you that it could be amazing. I just want you to take a risk, I just want me to take a risk, and see how good it would feel.

Dear you, look at me now. Alone, freezing inside with a warmhearted look a like. I don’t care about your relationship with her, I always smile for you. I love you and if you have not seen that by now then you are blind. I never choose you by your looks. It’s the inside that makes my heart beat at this pace. Somehow you make my life worth living. But you just don’t realize. 

Dear You, maybe this letter is all I need to put you behind me, but I doubt it though. You will be in the corner my heart, dear You. Even if it is just as friends, as you want me to be.

Sincerely me,
The broken Iron Lady

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