Sunday, January 15, 2012


Dreamgiver, dreamgiver please listen to my song.
Softly echoing from miles long.
Knotted in the air that floating to your breath.
Slipping to your lung and ready to spread.
Dreamgiver, dreamgiver can you feel it?
The message that I long for you to read?
Please knock your head and say yes.
This joy in my heart is ready to splash.
Dreamgiver, dreamgiver oh look at you.
Standing alone in your world, with no one to hold to.
Now it’s my turn to be a savior and spread my wings.
In my world I’ll be your queen, and you’ll be my king.
Dreamgiver, dreamgiver please don’t be sad.
Look at this bright side imagine what live we could have.
Hold my hand, step up with me.
We’ll be together and always be.

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