Sunday, April 22, 2012

the refine, redefined


Walking alone through the park
On a Saturday evening fair
I chance upon his mind to talk
While sitting on a broken chair

With a dark black shiny hair
Brown eyeglasses on his nose
A deep charisma so very rare
Feel my awareness just lost

Deep inside I sense such an urge
To hold him precious and dear
So close, we’re both on the verge
Of becoming as one and I fear

Where were you short days ago,
Or throughout my lonely life?
Where were you when I felt so low,
As I faced turmoil and bitter strife?

Something in me is never stranger
I want you when I feel so sad
I’m so related to all danger
I need you when I face the bad

Come my dear and walk with me
Walking together hand in hand
Away from the storm and into the lee
Along the miles of golden sand

So let’s make this a time to feel
Emotions which lift us high above
Mortally wounds that did heal
As we ride our high tide of love

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