Sunday, April 1, 2012


One of my best pal introduced me to Sophie's World in about 1998. And i loved it so much. Sophie’s World is a book quite unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It’s such a guide to the history of philosophy. I studied Psychology and Philosophy too, and this book helped me a lot to understand those tough major.

My 1st Sophie's World : Indonesian version

The story around, it's absolutely enchanting though. And the twist, well, I didn’t really see coming and it blew my mind! I would never suggest you to skip every detail in this book. Me myself read this book over and over, to help me figure it out. And Gaarder presents philosophy in a clear, cogent way, using Sophie's and Hilde's experiences to illustrate his points.

In this book, Jostein Gaarder presents a very unique philosophy lesson. As he used lego as the cleverest game ever, the magician's hat with rabbit in it, and others popular philosophy sciences in the world. The language that used in this 'philosophy book' relatively easy to digest, so the reader would feel more like "I was reading a novel" instead of studying philosophy. Therefore, for you who do not love philosophy, you might be able to enjoy the storyline that unpredictable by the end of the story. I really really love to read a history of philosophy. And this book explaines a story of philosophy so wonderfull. It contains an amazing twist. Believe me.

My 2nd Sophie's World : english version

In 1999 Sophie's World was adapted into a Norwegian movie by screenwriter Petter Skavlan. It was not widely released outside of Norway. And i am blessed i could watched the DVD with Germany subtitles. Though it's not as impressive as the book, but still i enjoyed the visualization. 

Sophie's World movie poster

Love it.

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