Sunday, June 17, 2012

relationship with a single

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To be honest, i think people are single because they want to or choose to. Not because no one wants them.

Some of these single might had some traumatic experience in their relationship or they just observed that evidence from others.

Ever heard “Honeymoon phase”? It's when everything on the relationship seems so perfect. You love each other, forget the world.

But wait until one of you get bored. Everything becomes static. A little lie, a little cheat, a little fight. An iceberg. 

She lies, He cheats? So? Take a seat have a convo. Tell the truth what's on your mind, how's it gonna be. 

Over and over? So dead end? Then that ain't no breaking up and waking up and making up one more time. That is gone.

If she/he calls then she/he wants it to still be a "us" & if she/he doesn't, well guess its gonna be time to move on with life.
A relationship is not a test, so why cheat or lie? It just should be taken seriously. Depends on your maturity to pass. That's all.

Become a SINGLE again? Why not? Afraid? Hey, your destiny's waiting. Fear ends where Faith begins. 

You deserve the best.

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