Friday, November 22, 2013

Serenade of Love

source tumblr

Have i told you lately, my only Dear?
I  shiver every time that you are near
The thought of you is just too addictive to bear
You make me feel like I can fly, this i swear.

“I’m in love with you”, butterflies in my stomach

"Me too, Love", stupid words my brain could make
Your magic smile, remedy for my headache 
 Your honest words, dying to hope it isn’t fake.

See, love's so powerful, it drives me crazy
Love shows up, it makes me smile instantly
With you is the only time i feel stress free
I'm drowning in your love, please don't save me.

Now Dear, have the bravery to hold my hand
Then undoubtedly guide me to the holy land
One day on top of the mountain our love will stand
Up straight, until the time meets its end.

November, 2013

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