Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Coffee Dregs

Coffee ring
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 “You can reveal your soul mate by the coffee dregs in the bottom of your mug.” Jarod, my best friend, is approaching. He handed me a mug full of super hot Torajan coffee.

   “How come? As far as I know, coffee dregs can tell you the fate, fortune, destiny, something like that. But soul mate?  I've never ever heard anyone say about it.”

   “Dare to know? Drink it then. But you have to do it slowly.” Jarod staring at me with his deep green eyes. Giving me a strange demanding look.

   I’m wondering. Why does he insist me? He knows that I’m a massive coffee addict. Especially Torajan coffee. Seeing him acting that way, guess I'll drink this coffee and reveal what lies beneath.

   “Easy.” Jarod chuckles as he smiles. “You're in such an effing hurry.” No wonder he's looking at me that way. I must looked like a curious two years child licking the best ice cream in town.

   Good news, this coffee is strong enough to wake me up and feel the adrenaline. Strenghten by enigma brought by Jarod.  The bad news is I can feel it receding faster than normal, altough I drink it as slowly as possible. Less than a second, I will see its dregs.

   I’m choked. There’s something beside the dregs reaching my lips. I’m pushing the mug away from my mouth and looking to its inside. Something gets stuck in the dregs. Something in the form of circular and made of metal. Something shiny. Something fits my pinky finger.

   I lift my head. My eyes meet Jarod’s. He smiles. Probably the sweetest smile he ever have.

   “Marry me, Hans?”


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The Coffee Dregs

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