Friday, February 28, 2014

Sweetest Past

Dear Sweetest Past,

Seasons come and seasons go. But my heart still fills with joy and happiness remembering a man with his warm eyes and a woman with her silly smile talking for hours over nothing not caring if they wasted the time. As long as they're together.

Yes, Ed, they were us. Oh, bersama dua cangkir kopi dan teh tentunya.

Ed, don't you know you're a beautiful thing that ever came into my life out of nowhere? Back then i couldn't understand why i trusted you, why i decided to put my heart in your hand. But i had faith in you. I had faith in us. And for everything that ever happened, i never ever regret it, not even now. Because Ed, you built a shelter and shed the love in my heart. I was loved. I was blessed. And after 3 years of our togetherness, you're not only a page. But you're one of important chapters in my book of life.

Ah, Ed... if only you know, aku mengisi halaman pada buku kehidupanku dengan begitu bahagia selama bulan ini. This February, i can speak out on the truth about the past to someone comfortably. Yes i can. With you. You're so kind to me, Ed. I should thank you.

And for those reasons, Ed, i am pleased to welcome you if you will deign to come. Me and him, we will be honoured by your presence. Tolong kabari aku sesampaimu di Indonesia. Promise?

Bandung, the last day in the month of love
- a very blessed woman -

Sorry for my bad bad English. We all know that you're the master. 

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