Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Letter To A Stranger

Dear Stranger,

This is not the first letter but maybe the last. I have written many in last season, remember? I could ask how you were doing, but I know I wouldn't receive a reply. I could mention you, but I know you don't want to be found by others. Because you're now busy hiding in your so called sanctuary. But the truth is, by hiding you save no one but yourself.

Dear Stranger,

I have ruined your image in my eyes. But i claim full responsibility, for i couldn't see the truth behind your every lies. Yes, maybe the problems would have fixed themselves eventually. And for now, i want you to know that i'm living my life peacefully.

Dear Stranger,
I hope in another time in a different world, you would be a better person for taking responsibility of your own promises. Because people's feeling is as serious as ours. Therefore, it is not something we should play around with.

Until then, dear Stranger, you're but a mere recognition of a distant memory worth many definitions. And may forgiveness can find its way to our heart, allowing us to move forward while leaving the hurt behind us. Be good, you.

your old friend

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