Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Set The Fire, Den!

sketch by bety sanjaya

Dear Denny Edwin,

It’s about two weeks after our last chat on BBM. Feel sorry we couldn’t hang out together when I visited your town. So, what’s up? I hope that you’re happy and doing well. You deserve that much. 

Den, thank you for making my timeline brighter. Kindda missing you lately. Can not wait your “galau” tweet to appear. I wouldn't say much. Just stay awesome, Den. Ignore the people who disturb you, or even try to destroy you. They’re digging their own tomb, see. May peace be upon them before they get burned in their own hell. 

Ups, pardon my fingers.

Den, believe me. I don’t need the stars tonight but they will come anyway. Along with your witty tweets, i hope. So turn around and set a fire tonight and see what it kills. Be glorious like always, Den. Be glorious

Cheers! You are loved.

Your so called uhti, 


PS: pardon my bad English.  #KemudianNyanyik

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