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October 23 Birthday Astrology

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Scorpios born on October 23 have the charismatic personality often found in those whose birthday falls on the cusp. They have a flair for putting themselves into situations where they will be noticed, then are likely to pull back when too much attention is accorded them.

Friends and Lovers
Those born on October 23 are romantic, even idealistic, about love. Romances are likely to be conducted surreptitiously; they like secrecy. They demand loyalty and will leave a relationship if there is a suspicion of betrayal. They often have friendships that allow them to express their unique personality.

Children and Family
October 23 individuals have extremely close family ties. They regard their brothers and sisters more as friends than siblings and may have forged close relationships with other relatives. They make affectionate, protective parents who are concerned with giving their children a sense of self-reliance and independence.

People born on October 23 often strike a cavalier attitude about health and fitness. They tend to have a strong constitution and superior powers of physical and emotional endurance and may feel invulnerable to outside forces. They benefit from meditation before bed to promote deep sleep and productive dream patterns.

Career and Finances
October 23 individuals are drawn to careers that offer emotional and spiritual satisfaction. They need to be challenged and enjoy challenging others. Although skillful at handling financial matters, they are not ambitious about making money. Having the talent is more important than using it.

Dreams and Goals
People born on this date think big. They are not interested in the reasons why something cannot be done, only in how they can turn that negative into a positive. Although their goals may seem improbable, even impossible, to others, October 23 individuals embrace them without fear. They would rather be in chaos than boredom.

Scorpio Information for October 23
You should embrace: Artistic fulfillment, finding your soul mate, a positive self-image
You should avoid: Being overly secretive, going to extremes, self-fulfilling prophecies

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