Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This rhyme is accidentally compiled by me. Based on my tweet and a pretty friend, Lynda, this morning. We both are food lover. And for sure, a great lover (to be).


I want ice cream and also pancake.
Even in a dream my love for you is not a fake.

I want a cup of tea and it’s a chamomile.
Can you just simple see? You are my reason to smile.

I want a croissant and chocolate sauce.
You’re everything I want. Your sweet affection is the cause.

I want a fruit parfait, and I want it two.
Why do you even have to wait to tell me that you love me too.

I want a milkshake. It’s fine if it’s a strawberry.
For God’s sake, you’re the one I wanna marry.

I want chocolate chip on top of my pudding.
I think our relationship should end in a wedding.

I want chocolate even if it’s in a pie.
We are soulmate together forever until we die.


I want coffee with whipped cream for breakfast.
Even in a dream the shadow of you run away so fast.

For dinner I like a slice of meat that grilled.
When will we meet, so I know that you are for real?

May I have a slice of bread? It’s fine even sugarless.
Why you have to be mad? You’re the one I want to possess.

Sweet Watermelon’s served on a plate.
What’s going on? What’s your reason to wait?

Season the Spaghetti on the plate with thyme.
Reason you have to wait, so it will be perfect in time?

I like cheese cake that taste so yummy.
I like to wait the day you say, “Please marry me.”

I want Ginger Tea and Tortilla with spicy sauce.
It is plain to see that I’ll be your perfect spouse.

Oh my cup of tea is about to dry.
I promise you sweety, I’ll never make you cry.

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